How it works

Hi there! Thanks for navigating my part of the nets. I am designing, sewing, and tailoring clothing in South Burlington, VT.

If you would like to order one of my creations, please send me an email.

General rates:

Tank tops/Tee shirts $40 + fabric
Shorts $40 + fabric
Pants $60 + fabric
Dresses $60-100 + fabric
Sweatshirts $80 + fabric
Jackets $60-100 + fabric

Why these rates and why don’t I include fabric in the price? These rates are based on time estimates for how long I expect it to take me to complete these garments. It takes me time to design a garment as well, but since I design for myself and for fun, I won’t charge you for that part, only for the time I think it’ll take me to work on your garment. Fabric is not included because there is such a variety of choice that I want you to be able to choose fabric that works with your budget and desires.

I really want the process to be a collaborative one. When you tell me what it is you would like, I want to figure out how you plan to use that garment and find just the right fabric and design to fit your needs. I will quote you a price based on my time estimate and your fabric choice and give you an estimated completion date. If everything sounds good to you, I will send you a Paypal invoice and I’ll get to work creating your garment!

My design and construction process is small. I don’t have piles of finished garments at my house. When you contact me, I will construct your garment for you. This process can take 1-2 weeks, so please allow extra time when ordering.